Isle of Wight Council under new leadership

28 May 2021

Wednesday, 26 May 2021, was the first meeting of the Isle of Wight Council since the elections earlier this month.

Lora Peacey-Wilcox of the Alliance Group/Independent was elected as the new leader of the council winning 20 votes to 18 votes for Conservative nominee, Steve Hastings.

Liberal Democrat councillor, Andrew Garratt, said:

"I voted for Lora. I did so because I felt that the Island voted for change after four years of a majority Conservative administration.

"In Parkhurst & Hunnyhill, over three quarters of the votes were cast for a non-Conservative candidate - just under 60 per cent were for me.

"Across the Island, over 60 per cent of the votes were for non-Conservative candidates.

"During the election campaign, a lot of people I spoke to said although they usually voted Conservative they wouldn't this time because of the failings of the Conservative administration.

"The council now has a new administration led by the Alliance Group. As the only Liberal Democrat on the council, I have chosen not to join that group as I feel that will allow me to freely put forward Lib Dem priorities.

"I will, however, be supportive of the new administration. I have worked well with many of their members over the last four years, and look forward to doing so again. For a start, I am hoping that they will open up the council and really involve residents in its decision-making. Of course, if I disagree with the choices they make I will make that clear!

"The council meeting also elected its committees and their chairs. I was elected to chair the Audit Committee, which scrutinises how the council is spending public money and making sure we get value for money.

"Above all, I will continue to do my best to represent the residents of Parkhurst & Hunnyhill."